Rebecca Yenchik, CNC, CMH, HTMAp - Biography

Rebecca has lived in Pennsylvania her entire life. At a young age, Rebecca developed an interest in natural health and home remedies. She enjoys researching, reading, hiking in nature, foraging, and homesteading. She has 3 children that she has guided to explore natural health solutions and continues to teach them the importance of eating healthy food and making healthy life choices.

Her own health is what drove her to pursue a career in nutrition and natural therapies to help others. When traditional allopathic medicine failed her, she decided to look outside that “box” to find real answers to her own health issues. This inspired her to help others on their own health journey. Rebecca’s diverse occupational history, education and understanding of health has provided her the skills and life experiences to guide others in a positive way.

Rebecca Yenchik

Falling back on her medical background, she decided to further her education. She began her study as a Certified Nutritional Consultant at the Trinity School of Natural Health located in Warsaw, IN. She chose this career because of her strong belief that food is medicine. Proper nutrition has a significant role in our body’s ability to heal, balance our moods, increase energy levels, and achieve restful sleep. After completing her study at Trinity School of Natural Health, she decided to explore the type of testing that was crucial in her own healing - Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, or HTMA.

This led her to pursue training in what she feels is the most important step one can make in their own efforts to heal the body on a cellular level. As observed by Henry Schroeder, M.D. (author of The Trace Elements and Man) - “Minerals are the spark plugs of life”.

Starting at the Malter Institute, located in Cottonwood, AZ, Rebecca acquired training and certification in the interpretation of the Trace Elements HTMA Lab reports by one of the pioneers in HTMA, Dr. Rick Malter, Ph.D. Dr. Malter is a leading expert in hair tissue mineral analysis and author of the book The Strands of Health. To take her HTMA training even further, she completed The Mineral Mastery course developed by Rick Fischer, CHHP, HTMAp.

Rebecca is always continuing her education in HTMA by attending seminars, online studies, research, and attending the yearly HTMA virtual summit. She returned to the Trinity School of Natural Health and completed her training as a Certified Master Herbalist. This field has further rounded out the scope of her holistic practice, allowing her to incorporate supportive, healing herbal remedies, along with mineral balancing, to achieve optimal health naturally. Rebecca's most recent training was certification in GI (Gastro-Intestinal) Map Mastery, provided by Tara Thorne, FDNP, RHN, FNC.

Client Feedback (Regarding her personalized written summary and consultation):

“Rebecca was EXCELLENT! She gave me way more information than I expected and I so appreciate it! Rebecca was great at giving me an understanding of my results and how to remedy the issue! She was kind, concise and allowed time to answer my questions! I’ll definitely be retesting and booking another consultation with her in December! Thanks so much!"
-  RM, Cary, NC

"Rebecca was wonderful! She is easy to understand, very friendly and personable. Above else, she is VERY knowledgeable."
- M.G., Nampa, Idaho

"This consultation was everything I could have hoped for. Rebecca gave me a very detailed explanation as to why I have been struggling with my health and gave me a thorough write up with diet and supplemental changes to make. I finally have hope that my health can improve!"
- K.E., Santa Ana, CA

"I am thoroughly impressed with Rebecca's kindness, professionalism and wide knowledge of her field and expertise. She is very good and knows her field well. She has helped me so much and thanks to her, I am finally starting to get my health back on track."
- K.O. Cantonment, Florida

“Rebecca was so thorough and helped explain my case with very much grace. I understand even more how serious my copper toxicity problem is. She offered hope and understanding which gives me a path to find my way up and out. This was the most valuable and insightful hour for my health that I have had in 10 years of suffering and going to doctors. It was well worth the consultation fee. Without it (consult), I would not have really understood the severity of my issue.”
-  N.D.C., El Paso, TX

“My consultation with Rebecca was excellent and very informative. Rebecca is an outstanding consultant that has provided a wealth of information that is very helpful to understanding my current state of health.” 
-  C.M.M., Huntsville, AL

"Rebecca is amazing! I got all my questions answered and she went above and beyond with her recommendations."
- R.S., Augusta, GA

"I was completely blown away by Rebecca's knowledge and how personable she was. She gave me so much and I am truly grateful. She has saved my health from going further down the hole. Already in just 3 days of implementing her suggestions, I feel 75% better."
-  Kelly Jean D., Encinitas, CA

"Rebecca was knowledgeable, patient, thorough, well prepared. She explained things clearly.She was very positive. She welcomed my daughter's participation. I left the consult havinglearned a lot, with a clear path in mind towards improving my health & well being."
-  D.W., Westport, MA

"Rebecca has been incredibly helpful. She always listens to me and takes care of me with empathy. In addition, I have seen a lot of improvement in my health. I trust her and her recommendations."
- Y.G., Saintly Cloud, FL

“I was in tears with gratitude. I appreciate the resources and links Rebecca sent me and have some solid steps to take in detoxification.”
-  N.D.C., El Paso, TX

"Rebecca is VERY knowledgeable and thorough!!! I only wish I had done the analysis sooner. I already purchased a retest. I felt I ended our consultation with a world of knowledge and left with many ways to help improve my health. Please don't rely on interpreting the results on your own. There are so many relationships between the many minerals/metals and ways they interact with one another I couldn't have solved my imbalances on my own. Rebecca is wellworth the consultation fee. Thank you!!"
- A.S., Neptune Beach, FL

"Rebecca explained my unexplained health issues in 30 minutes; doctors couldn't figure them out in years."
- K.E., Santa Ana, CA

"Rebecca was so incredibly thorough, knowledgeable, and kind throughout the consultation.Her philosophy on healing and nutrition pretty much exactly matched mine/the otherpractitioner and program I’m using, which was definitely a plus!
Honestly I feel that theresults of the test gave me some answers I wouldn’t have found any other way and I’m soexcited to implement the changes Rebecca recommended and to see how it all goes! Verygrateful :)"
E.C., Delray Beach FL

"Very knowledgable -- learned a lot of things I have never been exposed to before aboutminerals, metals, and the correlation to my health!"
B.N., Flower Mound, TX

"I'm super thankful for all of the information and some very easy and practical things to incorporate into my life. I was very thankful that it wasn't just take a ton of different supplements, but there were so many options presented that didn't feel hard to incorporate into my life."
- K.S., Keene, TX

Services currently offered by Rebecca through Evenbetternow, LLC:

For more information please contact us at 520-877-2637 or email us here.
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