ProBoost Thymic Protein A, 30 Packets
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ProBoost Thymic Protein A, 30 Packets
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“The Best Single Immune System Supplement Available.”

~ Jacob Teitelbaum M.D. | Annapolis Research Center

The active ingredient in ProBoost®, Thymic Protein A, has shown in scientific studies to provide significant benefits in supporting and strengthening the immune system by increasing white blood cell counts, increasing T-cell (helper cell) levels, and inducing apoptosis (cell death) in aberrant cells.

Thymic Protein A is a critical protein that is naturally produced by the thymus gland and is responsible for programing the body’s T-cells to stimulate an immune system response. Each of the 12 trillion molecules of Thymic Protein A in a single packet of ProBoost contain an important transmitter which seeks out the CD-4 helper white blood cell and attaches to it to activate the cell. The CD-4 helper cells, after they are formed, are NOT fully functional unless they come into direct contact with Thymic Protein A. The CD-4 helper cell controls critical effector cells, including CD-8 killer cells and CD-8 suppressor cells, by secreting chemical messengers called cytokines such as interleukin-2 and interferon. When the body has a sufficient amount of properly working CD-4 cells, adequate amounts of cytokines are created to allow the entire system to function properly.

In the years since ProBoost Thymic Protein A was introduced as an oral nutritional supplement, several human and animal studies have substantiated the scientific findings that this protein alone, in its purified state, has tremendous immune regulation capabilities as both a stimulant and a down-regulating agent, depending on the body’s requirements. Thousands of individuals have consumed this product with no significant adverse reactions, and hundreds of healthcare practitioners are recommending it to their patients to maintain immune system health. In addition, the National Institute of Health, Division of AIDS, has tested Thymic Protein A and determined it to be an effective immune system regulatory protein.

ProBoost Thymic Protein A is produced at only one laboratory in the entire world, under the personal control and supervision of Immunologist Dr. Terry Beardsley, PhD, who is committed to maintaining the high scientific standards which he established in the research and manufacture of this product over the past 35 years.

ProBoost® Benefits to the Immune System:

  • ProBoost is science-based immune system support multiplied by trillions
  • 12 Trillion active molecules per serving
  • Increases in white blood cell counts. Vital in maintaining health.
  • Increases in T-cell (helper cell) levels. Critical in helping the immune system respond quickly and effectively.
  • Induces apoptosis (cell death). An important defense mechanism against aberrant cells.

It has been long established by medical science that optimal immune system function is important for overall health. Unfortunately, the immune system ages just like the rest of our body. Over time the thymus gland atrophies and produces lower levels of critical thymic proteins required by the immune system to support an effective immune response.

ProBoost®, by Genicel, Inc., was developed to meet this thymus shortfall. Thymic Protein A, the active ingredient in ProBoost®, has the same biological activity as a key natural thymic protein produced in the body. Thymic Protein A has been determined by the National Institute of Health to be a potent immunoregulator by inducing interleukin-2 production.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Packet

Servings per Container: 30

Ingredients: Thymic Protein A - 4 mcg, maltodextrin.

Suggested Use: Empty contents of one packet directly under the tongue and allow to dissolve completely (3 minutes) before swallowing. Use 1-3 packets daily, as often as every 4 hours, or as directed by a health care practitioner.

30 Packets

Our Price: $49.95
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