EBN® Cleansing Clay Baths
(Can be Used in Tub or Foot Bath)

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  • 100% pure bentonite clay with no added fillers or excipients

  • Hypoallergenic

  • 100% free of bacteria, viruses, molds or yeast

  • High negative ionic surface charge

  • Disperses easily in warm water

  • No drain guard required

  • Easy clean-up
Evenbetternow Cleansing Clay for Bathing 5 lb

100% Purified Bentonite Clay

EBN® Bentonite Clay has no added ingredients.  This is a 100% pure and natural product. This clay is high purity air-classified sodium bentonite, selectively mined, consisting of micronized particles which is a free-flowing powder.

According to Ralph Spindler, the research and development scientist for a leading clay manufacturer, all clays typically contain impurities, usually bacteria and molds; therefore when bathing in unpurified clay, it is possible that you can be exposed to impurities in the clay itself. 

EBN® Clay meets all requirements set forth by the USPXXIII/NFXVIII for bentonite.

To view our 5 lb jar product label, which is FDA compliant, please click here.


EBN® Bentonite Clay contains no spices, herbs, excipients or fillers which sometimes cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. 

100% Free of Bacteria, Viruses, Molds or Yeast

EBN® Bentonite Clay is guaranteed to be free of bacteria, viruses, molds and yeast.  No other bathing clay on the market makes this claim.  It is important to find  “purified” clay for bathing, and this is especially true if you are sensitive to molds or yeast, or have a weakened immune system.

High CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity)

EBN® Bentonite Clay has the highest cation exchange capacity, or negative ionic surface charge, of any clay we have sold (98-107 meq/100g on the CEC scale). Mixing EBN® Bentonite Clay with very warm water creates a high negative ionic surface charge.

Disperses Easily in Water

Unlike most bentonite clays,EBN® Bentonite Clay disperses easily in water, with virtually no clumping. This is highly desirable, since there is little mixing required and the clay does not adhere to the skin the same way other bathing clays do.

EBN® clay baths may be more effective than a “clumping” clay since it has a bigger exposure of its surface area to the skin. 

Easy  Clean-Up

Unlike other bathing clays, this clay can be safely rinsed down the drain.  No drain guard, clay dissolving or special cleaning agents are required.

5.0 lbs (14 cups of clay) – Good for 7-14 baths

For complete clay bath instructions, click here.

Customer Feedback using EBN ® Clay Baths

"I have been having EBN® clay baths for nearly a year now and want to say thank you for selling them. After about three months of taking weekly baths (as well as eating coriander, garlic and chlorella) I felt better than I have ever felt. Thank you."

- Virginia L., Long Beach, CA

I would highly recommend that everyone be taking monthly baths [with EBN® Cleansing Clay] or so to stay clean and healthy. Thanks again for all the time you have taken with me . You are definitely caring individuals and you continue to help so many people . God Bless"

- Steve T., Naples, FL

"After receiving the EBN® Bentonite Clay and trying this product, I am amazed at the improvement in my health and general well being. I also appreciate how quickly my order arrived."

- Teresa H., Bealeton, VA

"Just to let you know, I have used the clay and found it quite refreshing. I enjoyed my tub soak so much.... I have found your site to be resourceful... Thanks for all the help and information."

- Margaret M., Santa Clarita, CA

"I have now tried the EBN® Bentonite Clay Baths. I was a little hesitant, but it really is simple!"

- Carrie, F., Lompoc, CA

"I've been using the cleansing clay baths and I do like the clay very much. I feel a lot of energy after taking a bath. I'm planning to reorder."

- Stephanie T., New York, NY

"I have been using the Evenbetternow clay baths and I love them. I have also gotten others to use them. Thank you SO much."

- Cybele K., New York, NY (Posted July 11, 2010)

"I just wanted to let your company know how much my wife and I respect your
incredible clay baths. It is so rare in this economy for a company to have such quality personal care products for a reasonable cost and I wanted to give Evenbetternow my wholehearted appreciation.

I plan on purchasing Evenbetternow products a lot this year for my wife and friends and look forward to many more years of enjoyment and reliability from your company. My wife is planning on letting her friends at her local Moms Club know how great your company is at her monthly meeting in the beginning of next month. You guys are a true success and I am also thinking about writing some reviews for EBN® Clay Baths and Kids Clear™ Clay Baths on Amazon.com and Eopinions.com.

Please thank everybody involved in making Evenbetternow so awesome! Thank you."

- Nick M., New Jersey

EBN® Cleansing Clay Bath FAQ's

How does a bentonite clay bath work?

When you mix this clay with warm water, it will begin to disperse and blend in with the water. When the body is in a tub of warm water, the warm water opens up the pores of the skin, allowing the clay to help to cleanse and purify.

Bentonite clay has a great capacity for absorbing many times its own weight in impurities.

Please Note: When you prepare a clay bath you are mixing only a small portion of clay (usually 1 to 2 cups) with water, which gives the bath water a "muddy" look. A common misconception is that the clay bath is thick and gooey. It is not, and it can easily be flushed down the tub drain if you follow the instructions provided.

Each jar contains 5 lbs. (14 cups) of clay, good for 7-14 baths.

How does EBN ® Clay differ from other clays on the market?
EBN Detox Clay

EBN® Cleansing Clay is the only bathing clay on the market that is purified.  This means it is guaranteed to be free of toxic bacteria, viruses, yeasts and mold. 

According to the scientists of a leading bentonite manufacturing company, all bentonite clays naturally contain a number of impurities, including bacteria and yeasts. Although non-purified clay is fine for bathing for adults, we felt that a purified clay was best for health safety.

EBN® clay is also very easy to mix in with the tub water, with no clumping, and flushes down the drain without any special type of cleanup required.

Questions? Call 520-877-2637 or email your questions by clicking here.

More FAQs about EBN® Bentonite Clay Baths

What do I get when I order the EBN ® Cleansing Clay?

Each 128 oz. jar contains a minimum of 5 lbs. (or 14 cups) of dry clay powder, which is good for 7-14 baths. Included on the label is complete instructions for use.

What materials will I need?

For each bath you will need to have on hand:

1.  A wire whisk, or stirring utensil
2.  A clock, or timer
3.  An electrolyte drink or a trace mineral complex to take after the bath. 

We carry an excellent liquid mineral concentrate called ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops. Extracted from the Great Salt Lake, it contains a full spectrum of all the minerals in a balance natural to the body.

For more information on ConcenTrace® Mineral Drops and to order them,
click here.

We also carry Emergen-C ® electrolyte crystals which are free of artificial flavors or colors.  It is available either sweetened with fructose or unsweetened.  You can purchase Emergen-C® Electro-Mix or Emergen-C® Kidz™ Fruit Punch from our shopping cart in box of 36. They're are also commonly available at your local health food store.

How much clay should I use?

Generally speaking, adults use anywhere from 1/2 cup to 2 cups of clay per bath, depending on your physical condition.  There are detailed guidelines in the instructions which come with your order.

How often can I take a bath?

We suggest taking a clay bath about once or twice per week. 

What is the best way to mix the clay into the water?

We have found that the best way to mix the clay into the water is to run the hot water into the bath tub, and at the same time, sprinkle the clay into the running water like icing sugar on a cake.  Take a whisk and briskly stir in the clay.  Initially it may appear the clay is clumping, but after a few minutes, it dissolves into the water. (Running your hand along the bottom of the tub will help keep the clay dispersed in the water.) Then add the colder water until the correct temperature is reached. 

Precautionary Note for Septic System Homes:

If you are on a septic system, we recommend using the clay in a foot bath and not in the tub as your septic system warranty may be voided if clay is put down the drain. Even though our clay blends well with warm water, Evenbetternow will not take responsibility for problems with your septic system. Therefore please use at your own discretion if on a septic system.

Under normal conditions, clay will not stop up your septic system if it was designed adequately and is working properly. The heavier clay particles will never get to the leach field. They will settle by their own weight to the bottome of the septic tank compartments. It would take many years of clay baths before significant buildup would dictate tank plumbing. However, it is important that if you do use clay in a tub bath, not to flush lumps of clay down any drain.

Caution: Possible Reactions to Clay Baths:

Use of clay bath can result in fatigue, nausea, light-headedness, flu-like symptoms, skin irritation or rash, or vomiting. If any of these symptoms occur, remove yourself from the bath immediately.

Only use the clay bath under the advice of a healthcare provider if you have a heart condition, high or low blood pressure, or you are taking any medication. Do not use this bath if you are sick with the flu or other bacterial infection. If you are taking a prescription medication, speak with your doctor before beginning a clay bath regimen. Do not ingest.

Questions? Call 520-877-2637 or email your questions by clicking here.

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EBN Detox Clay

Click here for information on our Kids Clear™ Cleansing Clay Baths.

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