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List Price: $15.95
Price: $13.25
Please Note: This product has been discontinued and is no longer manufactured. As an excellent alternative we suggest the product iThroid Iodine 12.5 mg by RLC Labs. You can check it out by clicking here.

supports normal thyroid function.

Contrary to popular belief, you may not be getting – or, most likely, absorbing – enough iodine from your diet alone.

Thyadine™ is a remarkable new colloidal iodine that absorbs better and faster than any other form of iodine on the market today. It is iodine in its purest, most easily-absorbed form, and is easily recognized and assimilated by your body.

Superior to other popular methods of thyroid support, Thyadine™ quickly saturates and nutritionally supports your thyroid, instead of taking over for it like glandular thyroid supplements and prescriptions containing thyroid hormones do.

Many other iodine products on the market such as iodine trichloride or iodine chloride contain iodine in its elemental form, which is not easily absorbed by your body. This allows iodine blockers like fluorine, chlorine and bromine to take over your body’s iodine receptor sites, blocking iodine absorption.

Thyadine™ provides you with:

Colloidal Iodine – from sea kelp. 99% absorbable!

Fucus Vesiculosis – from sea kelp.

Spongia Tosta – supports normal thyroid function.

Thyroid 30c – supports normal thyroid function and energy levels.

Customer Feedback:

"...from the very first drops of Thyadine™ I took, I felt an immediate difference... I recommend Thyadine™ to everyone I know!"

- T.M., New York, NY

"...A co-worker gave me some Thyadine™ and told me to take a couple of drops. I couldn't believe the difference - and all without caffeine!"

- V.D., Newark, NJ

"...I wasn't getting any iodine in my diet, so I thought I'd give Thyadine™ a try. Within one day I could feel the difference - it was absolutely amazing! Now I take it for maintenance....."

- W.E., Belvidere, IL

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 drop

Servings Per Container: 375

Active Ingredients: Iodine 150 mcg (100% DV), Fucus Vesiculosus 3x, Thyroid 3x, Spongia Tosta 12x, Thyroid 30c.

Inactive Ingredients: Glycerine, Deionized Water

Suggested Usage: Take 1-3 drops daily on or under the tongue, or as directed by healthcare practitioner.

1/2 fluid oz. (15 ml)

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List Price: $15.95
Price: $13.25
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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Nutritional benefits may vary from one person to another.

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