Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis - Equine
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis - Equine
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Equine Multi-Element Assay of Hair (32 Elements)

The equine hair tissue analysis includes a comprehensive interpretation of the mineral assay performed by a federally licensed laboratory (Trace Elements, Inc.). 15 nutritional elements are measured, 8 toxic metals, 7 significant mineral ratios, 9 toxic ratios, and an additional 15 elements.
You receive a printed bound copy and an electronic email copy of the test results which show graphic illustrations of the levels and ratios.

8 Toxic Heavy Metal Elements: Antimony, uranium, arsenic, beryllium, mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminum. These heavy metals are well-known for their interference upon normal biochemical function and causing numerous imbalances.

15 Essential Minerals: Calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, phosphorus, iron, manganese, chromium, selenium, boron, cobalt, molybdenum, and sulfur. These nutrients play significant roles in such metabolic processes such as muscular activity, endocrine function, reproduction, skeletal integrity, and overall development.

Also includes 15 Additional Elements including: Germanium, barium, bismuth, rubidium, lithium, nickel, platinum, thallium, iodine, vanadium, strontium, tin, titanium, tungsten and zirconium. All mineral/metal levels are reported in milligrams percent (milligrams per one-hundred grams of hair). One milligram percent (mg%) is equal to ten parts per million (ppm).

6 Significant Mineral Ratios: Ca/P, Na/K, Ca/K, Zn/Cu, Na/Mg, Ca/Mg, Fe/Cu. If the relationship between certain minerals in the horse are disturbed, normal biological functions and metabolic activity can be adversely affected.

9 Toxic Mineral/Metal Ratios: Ca/Pb, Fe/Pb, Fe/Hg, Se/Hg, Zn/Cd, An/Hg, S/Hg, S/Cd, S/Pb. Research has shown that toxic minerals/metals can also produce an antagonistic effect on various essential minerals, leading to disturbances in their metabolic utilization.

Also included are 11 Additional Ratios: Ca/Sr, Cr/V, Cu/Mo, Fe/Co, K/Co, K/Li, Mg/B, S/Cu, Se/Tl, Se/Sn, Zn/Sn

A calculated comparison of two elements to each other is called a ratio. To calculate a ratio value, the first mineral level is divided by the second mineral level.

An individualized evaluation and discussion of mineral patterns and their impact on chemistry and performance are written out. Tissue mineral levels related to feed and water mineral content are also discussed. Dietary supplement recommendations (by Trace Elements, Inc.) are given based solely upon hair mineral patterns determined.

Please Note: If you require further interpretation of the results, we can refer you to an equine hair analysis expert, who will offer consultations at a rate of $15/quarter hour.

What are the steps to receiving my report?

Once you place an order for the hair analysis with us, we send you the hair sample kit with complete instructions on how to take the hair sample. The kit is mailed in a USPS Priority Mail envelope (within USA only).

The kit includes a lab submittal form with envelope, and complete instructions on how to take the hair sample. You then send the hair sample to the lab, and the lab sends us a printed bound copy which we then ship via USPS First Class Mail to you. (Reports for international customers are mailed via First Class Mail International).

If you opt for the printed and email copy when ordering, your electronic copy will be forwarded to you in advance of receiving the printed copy. 

Please Note: In most cases, the turnaround time to receive your hair analysis results from the time you place the order with us is 2-4 weeks.

Also Note: Please include the name of your horse in the "Additional Information" box when placing your order or contact us to let us know. This is to ensure that we can match your order and mailing address to the name on the report.


If after receiving your hair analysis kit you change your mind and want a refund, simply return the original signed submittal form and a copy of your invoice within 30 Days to our address Evenbetternow, LLC 1870 W Prince Rd., Suite #26, Tucson, AZ 85705-2964, and we will refund you your full amount. Please Note: We cannot offer refunds once you have submitted the hair sample to the lab.

8 - 10 page report

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Our Price: $119.00
Choose One:
Printed Report Plus Email Copy
Printed Report Only ($-3.00)
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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Nutritional benefits may vary from one person to another.
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