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The AutoImmune Repair Plan

Congratulations for taking the first steps in creating your own personal healing program!

I wish to preface this by saying that nobody else, myself included, has the whole and complete answer for you, because only you can know what specific triggers contributed to your condition and only you can try the specific suggestions that are going to help you get well again. Naturally I am biased towards a holistic, natural approach because that is what worked for me and what has worked for thousands of people. But don't just take my word for it - do your research on your autoimmune condition, read the theories of the top autoimmune researchers and scientists as posted on this web site and elsewhere, read the books on healthy immunity that we recommend, and then decide for yourself if a holistic, natural approach is right for you.

The following is based both on my experience and perspective, and on the research on autoimmunity that was done by Dr. Stephen B. Edelson and Dr. Patrick J. Bouic in South Africa.

Both of these great doctors and scientists have contributed enormously to the understanding of autoimmune diseases and how to safely and effectively overcome these debilitating diseases by going beyond standard medical treatments.

Dr. Edelson's basic treatment approach for all autoimmune diseases is the same: The elimination of heavy metals and/or chemicals and the appropriate nutritional therapy to support it. His success with this approach supports the idea that all autoimmune disorders have their origins in an autoimmune process that is triggered by heavy metals and/or chemicals.

Dr. Bouic and his researchers in South Africa have found a way to naturally regulate an over-responding immune system using a blend of plant sterols and sterolins. Several double-blind placebo controlled studies have shown that sterolins and sterols in their correct ratio keep immune cells functioning at their optimum level. The formula used in the clinical trials became available for sale in South Africa in 1997, and testimonials poured in from people recovering from debilitating illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis and allergies. Today people from around the world are benefiting from one man's vision and dedication.

The autoimmune repair plan outlined below incorporates both detoxification of metals and chemicals and targeted nutritional supplements, including sterols and sterolins. It is a holistic, natural approach that has no side effects, no drug interactions and no toxicities, and it does not conflict in any way with mainstream medicine.

The autoimmune repair plan is the basic protocol for all autoimmune disorders - please refer to your particular disorder for more targeted suggestions.

Please note that it is important that you do not reduce, change or discontinue any medication or treatment without first consulting your physician. You can do a natural health program such as this one alongside your orthodox medical treatments.

The Autoimmune Repair Plan

Put yourself in charge of your health

You must not relinquish control of your health to anyone, not even your health care practitioner. In order to believe what you are doing, you must be in control. You want their counsel, you want their advice. But you must make the final decisions.

checkmark green Believe you can get well

There is a saying that goes something like, "As you believe, so it shall be". These may not be exactly the words, but you get the gist. Don't overlook this truism. You must believe in what you are doing and that what you are doing will help you.

checkmark green Pray to your Higher Power

I had my greatest breakthroughs when I prayed deeply to be shown the way to healing.

checkmark green Do your research

Learn as much as you can about your disorder. In addition to medical doctors, you may wish to consult with chiropractors, holistic practitioners, nutritionists, acupuncturists, spiritual healers, and so on. There are many approaches to healing.

checkmark green Identify your sources of toxins.

This is the basic, most important foundation of any good healing program. All other steps will build on this one.

Please refer to the Detoxification Page on this web site for lists on the sources of toxins, for the easiest and least expensive methods to test yourself for toxic metals, and the most effective way to remove these toxic metals and chemicals.

checkmark green Remove toxins from the body

This is the foundation of any good healing program. Do not skip this step. Detoxifying the body is vital. To help put this in perspective - Our Medical Director Dr. Thomas Nissen, an expert in Environmental Medicine, believes that this step is so important, that if you do not first detoxify your body of toxic metals and chemicals, then anything else you do will only be about 10 per cent effective. So put your attention first on getting rid of any heavy metals and chemicals, and then you can take the next step of regenerating the immune system, and the tissues and organs.

This is so important that I'll say it again: detoxification is vital, do not skip this step. If there is one thing I hope you remember from this web site, it is that toxins play a major role in all autoimmune disorders, and removing toxins is the key to getting better again.

We have found that the fastest, least expensive, simplest and most effective way to rid the body of heavy metal and chemical toxins is to use Pharma Clear™ Detoxifying Clay Baths and Bio-Chelat™, a patented heavy metal chelator.

Another excellent way to remove metals and chemicals from the body that is highly endorsed by Dr. Stephen B. Edelson is the infrared sauna.

There is an excellent infrared sauna that we recommend distributed by High Tech Health, Inc. If you want to purchase a sauna from them, mention our name - Evenbetternow, LLC - and receive $500 off the list retail price!

For more information on their far infrared sauna technology, click here.

checkmark green Rebuild your immune system through proper rest, proper diet, and proper exercise

Rest, Rest, Rest - Consistent proper rest is much more crucial to health than most people realize. It is important not to let yourself become consistently exhausted or overtired. And once you have recovered from a major illness, you must be extremely vigilant in getting abundant rest and relaxation.

Following natural healing principles can give you such renewed vigor and energy that it's easy to become overconfident and overdo, which is not a problem for healthy people. But if you are recovering from a major illness, it is vital that you protect your new-found health and your natural immune defenses through proper rest and minimized stress.

Proper Diet - The most important thing to remember is this - eat whole, unprocessed, unadulterated foods as much as possible. This means no additives, preservatives, flavors, monosodium glutamate (MSG), artificial sweeteners, caffeine, refined flours and sugars, or anything pickled or smoked. Think of how people ate one hundred years ago, and try to eat like that as much as possible. Stick with fresh vegetables and fruits and organic foods, even organic meats.

Eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible. It is a proven fact that people who incorporate more raw fruits and veggies into their diet have much quicker healing results.

Here is another important note: Many people with autoimmune diseases have experienced vast improvements by adopting a gluten-free diet. Gluten is a protein that is found in certain grains, namely wheat, rye and barley.

A sensitivity to gluten is ten to thirty times more common in people with autoimmune disorders compared to the general population. Many people with conditions from Crohn's disease to Multiple Sclerosis and autoimmune thyroiditis find great relief from their symptoms after adopting a gluten-free diet.

If you choose to try this diet, be sure to stick with it for at least 3 months. A good support group can help you learn how to eat gluten-free among today's food choices, and certain grocery stores and restaurants such as Trader Joe's actually put out pamphlets on what foods in their store free of gluten and hence safe.

Proper Exercise - Go very slow with your exercise. If you overdo it, it can take days and days before you recover from the exertion. This is true for almost all autoimmune disease patients.

One of the best forms of exercise is using a mini trampoline, or rebounder. This gentle, low impact exercise flushes the lymphatic system, which cleanses the lymph system of toxins. Walking, swimming, yoga and tai chi are also very helpful for your healing.

checkmark green Rebuild your immune system with proper nutritional supplements

Once you have begun the "Detoxification" phase of this program, you may then start the supplementation, or "Regeneration" phase. This involves taking targeted nutritional supplements to rebuild your immune system.

In Conclusion...

For those of you who need some encouragement, take heart - you can do this! It may not be easy, but then nothing truly valuable in life is easy. If you make the commitment, you too can begin to heal. Put yourself first, and do whatever feels right for you. It may take some hard work, but it is worth it. I know, because I've been there - and I worked hard to get to where I am today. I thank God every day for the healing, for the miracles, and for my new life. And I hold for you the highest vision of what is possible.

With great respect and admiration,

Andrea Nichols, Master of Social Work (MSW)
(Community Health - Health Promotion and Illness Prevention)
Evenbetternow, LLC

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